databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool

databot™ is Revolutionizing STEM education!

From classroom to STEM camp, databot™ inspires students to explore their world.

Throw it, toss it, launch it! An exciting new way to capture data and inspire students, databot™ is one rugged little cube, packed with sensors and ready for anything! Capture speed and velocity, measure CO2 and temperature, record sound waves to see frequency and amplitude, and so much more. databot™ turns math and science into a hands-on exercise in fun!

While STEM education and degrees are tremendously valuable, some students stay away. Only a third of college educated Americans have a STEM related degree. The reason? Recent research concludes STEM majors are just too hard. Another 14% of college students say they lost interest. After all, data and numbers are not typically thought of as exciting.

databot™ is here to change all that!

This transformation in learning spans all ages, igniting student curiosity for STEM subjects. databot™ opens eyes to the vibrant world of data surrounding us, and how it can be used to improve our world. How fast does a rocket launch? How much force is used to kick a ball? Hands-on learning changes students’ perspective of everyday activities. A trip to the grocery store then becomes a data gathering mission for acceleration and velocity. And, after a project measuring gases, students see the plants on their walk to school in a new light, awakened to the exchange of CO2 and Oxygen taking place.

databot™ is bringing kids and data together, to build a lifelong love for STEM, and to develop next generation skills needed to change their world. Together we can instill the excitement and wonder of science in students of all ages. With databot™ the possibilities are endless

We’re revolutionizing STEM education. Will you be a part of it?