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databot™ Puts a Science Lab in the Palm of Your Hand!

Bring Science to Life with databot™

  • One remarkable cube teaches across all your STEM subjects.
  • Turn your outdoor field trips into full blown STEM learning experiences!
  • Hands on coding! Take control of lights, sound, and sensors.
  • One complete system! Rechargeable batteries and accessories included.

Ready to see databot™ in action?

Easy to Use

Your databot™ kit comes complete with everything you need to start exploring the hidden world of data immediately!  There is no easier way to get students comfortable with exploring, analyzing, and understanding data!   

Check out how easy it is to setup your IOS or Android device and connect wirelessly to databot™ – you can literally turn your smartphone into a science lab in just a few minutes!

Meet databot!™

One little cube. Science on the move!

One tiny cube packed with high-tech, science exploration fun. databot™ fits in the palm of your hand and collects data from 11 included sensors! Measure motion, temperature, altitude, air quality, and more. Stream data instantly from engaging experiments in science, coding, and every learning environment imaginable!

  • Perfect for all ages, grade 4 and up
  • Teach 2-3 students per databot™
  • Limitless curriculum hours!
  • Inside, outside, at home – databot™ goes anywhere!
databot - Innovative STEM education tool

Imagine All the Science Activities Possible With These Sensors!

Endless Learning Possibilities

  • View and capture data to support scientific concepts in real life.
  • Conduct research and make a difference with Citizen Science initiatives
  • Measure the world around you. What’s safe and healthy?
  • Integrate databot™ easily with LEGO and other building kits. Build, experiment, learn!

Coding Made Easy!

Introduce your students to the amazing world of Arduino, an open source hardware and software platform. Arduino has enabled millions of students of all ages to become inventors, visionaries, and makers. Empower students to become part of this community and gain valuable technology and engineering experience that will benefit them for life.

databot - Innovative STEM education tool

One Little Cube.

One Huge Opportunity!

Learn about data science. How to gather data, how to interpret it. How to use it. Data science careers are the fastest growing and best paid career opportunity on the planet. Prepare your students to be global citizens, capable of interpreting and using data for their own benefit, and the benefit of those they love.

Teach Multiple Science Topics with databot™

Exciting Hands On Activities

databot - Revolutionize STEM education


Toss it, launch it, swing it, roll it, slide it! databot’s accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer enable you to capture and display physical science data.

databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool
databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool

Life Science

Grow baby grow! Conduct plant experiments monitoring CO2, light, and humidity. Does ultraviolet light effect photosynthesis? Find out with databot™!


Let’s get chemical! Use sensors to study CO2, the density of gases, exothermic and endothermic reactions, and more!

databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool
databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool

Earth Science

Climatologist group hug! Collect and study environmental data such as air quality, temperature, UV, and humidity.


This adds up to sheer math thrills! Capture, view, and analyze data in real time from the real world. With databot™, the numbers that surround us become visible, trackable, and actionable!

databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool
databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool

Coding, Art & Engineering

Learn to code and take full control of databot’s™ technology. Make a light and sound show that responds to the environment! Let your imagination run wild!

What's Included?

databot™ comes complete with everything you need to start exploring the hidden world of data immediately!

  • databot™
  • Storage case
  • 8 GB MicroSD card
  • USB SD card reader
  • Micro USB cable
  • External temperature probe
  • Industrial Velcro pad
  • Removable base plate
  • Lanyard
  • Soft shell storage case
  • All curriculum and modules™


  • Win/Mac/Linux required for loading programs onto databot
  • Google Science Journal requires an Android smart device
databot - Revolutionize STEM education

Throw it! Build it! Launch it!

databot™ Does it All.

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One little cube, science on the move.

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