Green is Great!

Green is Great!


Ready, aim, breathe!



20-30 minutes
Life Science

Form a team and prepare to use all your new life science knowledge about breathing and CO2 to win the Breathe Data Game!


Gather a team, your wits, and all your scientific knowledge about CO2 production to demonstrate your team’s mastery over your respiratory system.  

Let’s explore further with databot™!



By completing this experiment and conducting the scientific observations associated with it you will master the following knowledge! Good luck science explorer!

  • The human respiratory system is one system of many in the human body and it is responsible for breathing!
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is:
    • An invisible and odorless gas.
    • Exhaled by human beings in the process of respiration.
  • Oxygen (O2) is:
    • An invisible and odorless gas.
    • One of the primary elements in the air we breathe (21%).
    • Extracted from air in the alveoli, tiny sacs in your lungs.
    • Used by the cells in your body to convert sugars to give you energy!
  • Exercise, holding your breath, and other actions affect respiration.
  • Homeostasis is your body’s systems and processes that help maintain a balance of things like oxygen and CO2 levels.
  • Scientific sensors allow us to measure the scientific world around us with better precision and accuracy.

What You'll Need

  • IOS or Android smart device with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to databot™
  • databot™ + Phypox App installed on your IOS or Android device
  • Plastic bag – 1 quart size


  • Complete the PDQs and Challenge to clearly understand the dynamics of CO2 and homeostasis.
  • Hint: Successful completion of the Challenge activity will help your team prepare for this one!

Collaboration (25 Mins)

Welcome to the Data Game – Ready, Aim, Breathe!

Rules and Procedures

  • Break into teams, or prepare to do this individually if you are virtual or in a small group.
  • You have ten minutes to practice for your data run.  Use it wisely to test your CO2 output and determine who in your team will have the best chance of meeting each target level.
  • Your team will be given two tries for each level.  
  • Breathe into your bag with databot™ and hold it tightly closed for 30 seconds.  
  • It is your score at precisely 30s second that will be recorded!
  • In the event of a tie, the team closest to the tie breaker number, either above or below it, is the winner.
  • Good luck and be good sports!

Awesome! This concludes your Breathe adventure.

Ready for another? Let’s go!

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Educator Info

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