databot - Innovative STEM education tool

Giveaway Ending Soon!

databot - Innovative STEM education tool

Time is Running Out!

The databot™ giveaway ends May 31st! Don’t miss your chance to win a free databot™ kit to help you revolutionize the way you and your students see the world of STEM. To enter, simply tell us how you would use your free databot™.

10 Days Left for the databot™ Giveaway!

There are thousands of ways to use databot™ in the classroom, at camp, and for fun! Throughout the course of the giveaway we’ve seen some genius ideas. The potential of databot™ is amazing, and we can’t wait to see the impact it will have on students!   

Here are a few entries detailing the incredible variety of subjects databot™ can teach:

databot - Innovative STEM education tool

Pedro A. plans to use databot™ to sense meteorological data and apply algorithms to predict the weather. Not only is this really cool, but it provides an engaging way for students to get involved with the environment. Nothing like waking up in the morning and rushing to the window to see if your predictions came true!

Marie P. will have her physics students take databot™ with them on a bus ride to track velocity, speed, and acceleration. What a perfect way to make complex science theories visible in everyday life.

PW H. had the idea to connect databot™ to a solar panel system and have students find the min/max of the solar output and temperature, then compare the published data to track environment changes and solar panel production. What a great way to merge two pieces of technology.

In the Right Hands databot™ Can Change the World

Tim E. wants to use databot™ to show his special needs son the possibilities available with technology. He’ll use databot™ as a way to find new technologies to help his son and people with similar conditions.

Jay A. plans to strap databot™ to a balloon and use it to find the best location to build wind turbines. What a faster, more efficient way to move towards clean energy!

databot - Revolutionize STEM education

Tim C. had the idea  to use databot™ to measure the working conditions of construction sites. He’ll monitor air quality, humidity, temperature, and more! This data can be used to improve conditions for thousands of workers.

More Fun and Intriguing Ideas

Jeff S. would use databot™ to log data at paranormal sites to try and find out why these events occur. We’ll sit this one out – but can’t wait to see the results!

databot - Innovative STEM education tool

James S. wants to strap databot™ to his jeep and go off-roading. Now that sounds interesting!

Simon A. plans to take databot™ with him as he canoes through the Canadian wilderness for 42 days. How neat would it be to see the differences in altitude, temperature, humidity, and acceleration?


The applications of databot™ are endless! Try it in complex university courses or elementary level weather stations, use data to change your community, or see your favorite hobby in a new light! databot™’s limited only by your imagination!

About the Author

Robert Grover is a proponent of STEAM education and educational technology that helps engage and develop the students of today into the thoughtful leaders of tomorrow.