Can You See the Music?

Sound, Waves, and Good Vibrations!

Make waves, catch a few and see how they measure up using sensors, math, and some brain power!

About the Author

CEO, aRbotics LLC

Robert Grover began his STEM education career in 1988 when he began working for a small after-school program that focused on engineering, robotics, programming, digital arts, and more. It was essentially a Makerspace before the term existed. It was STEM and STEAM long before the acronyms emerged.

The small after-school program grew over the years into the STEM education company PCS Edventures! Robert spent nearly 30 years working at PCS Edventures! (OTC:PCSV), serving as a STEM educator, Executive VP, CTO, and CEO. He holds degrees in Creative Writing and Business Management, has extensive experience in curriculum, product design, open source hardware and software, and business modeling. He lives in Boise with his beautiful wife Heidi and watches his now-grown children, Harrison and Dahlton, build their lives in the world.

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