Something in the Air


The hunt for something juicy!



20-30 minutes
Environmental Science

Form a team and prepare to use all your new air quality investigation skills to find the juiciest spot in the building.


One of the important attributes of good indoor air quality is a relative humidity level below 60% – too much moisture can stimulate microbial growth resulting in mold and mildew growth.

 Mold spores can be quite hazardous to your health and there are legal regulations in place to protect people.  If you are buying a house, for example, the seller is legally obligated to tell you if there is a mold problem.  Landlords are also responsible to their tenants to ensure their living spaces are mold-free and safe.

Ready to take on a juicy challenge with a partner?

Let’s explore further with databot™!



By completing this experiment and conducting the scientific observations associated with it you will master the following knowledge! Good luck science explorer!

  • Indoor air quality can affect your health and your ability to concentrate.
  • Excessive levels of humidity in your indoor air (above 60% RH) can stimulate microbial activity and contribute to poor air quality.
  • You can make your home and work environment safer by understanding the sources of poor air quality and reducing your exposure to them.
  • Scientific sensors allow us to measure the scientific world around us with better precision and accuracy.

What You'll Need

  • IOS or Android smart device with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect to databot™
  • databot™ + Phypox App installed on your IOS or Android device


  • Make sure databot™ has a full charge as you will be conducting a humidity survey of your building.
  • Check your connection to databot™ with Phyphox, you will want to be ready to record data when you begin the experiment!

Collaboration (25 Mins)

Welcome to the Data Game – Find the Juicy!

Rules and Procedures

  • Break into teams, or prepare to do this individually if you are virtual or in a small group.
  • Load the Humidity experiment in Phyphox and test your connection to databot.
  • Your mission is to identify the location in your building or space that has the “juiciest” reading – the highest level of humidity.
  • Use the provided format below for logging your investigation. 
  • Record your data run and screen capture your results for presentation.

Present your team findings to others in the group:

  • Highlight your juiciest location.
  • Identify what you believe to be the source of the high humidity levels.
  • Recommend a plan for improving the area if the humidity level is above 60% Relative Humidity.

Good luck in your quest for the juicy!

Awesome! This concludes your Indoor Air Quality adventure.

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Educator Info

Acetic Acid Molecule Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Awesome Mold Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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