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Meet databot!™

One little cube. Science on the move!

One tiny cube packed with high-tech, science exploration fun. databot™ fits in the palm of your hand and collects data from 11 included sensors! Measure motion, temperature, altitude, air quality, and more. Stream data instantly from engaging experiments in science, coding, and every learning environment imaginable!

  • Perfect for all ages, grade 4 and up
  • Teach 2-3 students per databot™
  • Limitless curriculum hours!
  • Inside, outside, in the classroom, at camp – databot™ goes anywhere!
databot - Innovative STEM education tool


databot™ brings curriculum to life! Transform STEM into something kids can’t wait to be a part of.

Benefits of databot™

  • Budget friendly! databot™ packs 11 sensors for on low price!
  • Easy to use, store, and share across subjects. databot’s™ in Physics one week, and Chemistry the next!
  • Approachable for elementary and middle school science. No complicated, expensive probeware setups. Just grab a databot™ and start using real data.
databot - Innovative STEM education tool

Gene Ioli Describes How Kids React to databot™

"They were excited, they were curious. And that's what I love."

Easy to Connect and Learn!

  • Turn your smart device or laptop into a science lab!
  • Connect Google Science Journal to take notes, record data, and build an authentic science portfolio.
  • Experiment across all science disciplines. Wireless simplicity!
  • Go anywhere! Designed tough for experiment outings.
  • Accomplish core objectives and meet NGSS standards.
databot™ and the STEM Trifecta!

A Portfolio of Knowledge

Google Science Journal and databot™ work together! Students can create their own multimedia portfolio of scientific experiences including: data recording, written notes, and pictures to support their observations. Imagine what your child’s portfolio of learning and experience will look like after a few months of use. After a few years!

Reusable. Rugged. Revolutionary!

databot’s™ ready to roll into any classroom. With a rugged design built to last, you can use it again and again! 

Using databot™ is Easy and Quick!


Select Activity

  • Earth Science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Life Science
  • Environment
  • Coding
  • Making


Activate Sensor

  • Air Pressure
  • Altitude
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Magnetometer
  • Ultraviolet (UV)
  • Light (LUX)
  • C02 and VOC’s
  • Microphone


Connect Software

  • Science Journal by Google
  • Arduino IDE
databot - Innovative STEM education tool


Use the Data

  • Display, discuss and analyze
  • Facilitate experiments
  • Conduct group collaborations!
databot - Innovative STEM education tool

Imagine All the Science Activities Possible With These Sensors!

Teach Across Science with databot™

Exciting Hands On Activities

databot - Revolutionize STEM education


Toss it, launch it, swing it, roll it, slide it! databot’s accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer enable you to capture and display physical science data.

databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool
databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool

Life Science

Grow baby grow! Conduct plant experiments monitoring CO2, light, and humidity. Does ultraviolet light effect photosynthesis? Find out with databot™!


Let’s get chemical! Use sensors to study CO2, the density of gases, exothermic and endothermic reactions, and more!

databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool
databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool

Earth Science

Climatologist group hug! Collect and study environmental data such as air quality, temperature, UV, and humidity.


This adds up to sheer math thrills! Capture, view, and analyze data in real time from the real world. With databot™, the numbers that surround us become visible, trackable, and actionable!

databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool
databot™ - Innovative STEM education tool

Coding, Art & Engineering

Learn to code and take full control of databot’s™ technology. Make a light and sound show that responds to the environment! Let your imagination run wild!

by and for

We know teachers never have enough time. That’s why databot™ was designed for ease of use, storage, and reusability.

What's Included?

databot™ comes complete with everything needed to start experimenting!

  • databot™
  • Storage case
  • 8 GB MicroSD card
  • USB SD card reader
  • Micro USB cable
  • External temperature probe
  • Industrial Velcro pad
  • Removable base plate
  • Lanyard
  • Soft shell storage case
  • All curriculum and modules™
databot - Revolutionize STEM education

Extra Cool Features!

Speaker for Sound Output
Code databot™ to squeak, beep and chirp based on data it receives.

Programmable Display LEDs
Create interactive light displays or use the pre-built programs to light up databot™ in exciting ways!

SD Card Writer 
Log data. You are limited only by the size of your SD card to the data you want to capture!

Mini USB Connection
Charge and program. Simple and efficient – one databot™, one cable.

Wireless transmission of live data. Visualize real data in real-time on the big screen in the front of the classroom. Play catch with databot™ and watch the numbers!

Rechargeable Battery
250 mAh LiPo battery built in. No batteries to purchase, no extra expenses, no hassle. Just pure databot™ fun!

Temperature Probe
Connect an external temperature probe via 2.5mm stereo jack input. Plug in the included waterproof temperature probe to instantly gain access to live data for chemistry, life science, and environmental studies.

External Analog Sensors
databot™ LOVES data. The more sensors the merrier so we added this simple 2.5 mm stereo jack input port for connecting additional analog sensors.

I2C Sensors
Did we say databot™ LOVES data? I2C enables databot to daisy chain hundreds of additional sensors via a 3.5mm stereo jack input. 

Robot Connections
Built-in case connections for LEGO® and fischertechnik® elements. Connect databot™ to your favorite robot and start running data collection missions!

Detachable Baseplate
Also included is a plate for adding a Velcro attachment that enables databot™ to hitch a ride on drones, cars, hot air balloons, bikes, skateboards, pogo sticks and so much more!

Throw it! Build it! Launch it!

databot™ Does it All.

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One little cube, science on the move.

databot - Revolutionary STEM education

Dahlton Grover describes making learning fun

"You can take a learning exercise and make it interactive and physical, you can touch it, you can feel it, you can see it. I think that's really big."

What's Happening with databot™